02 August 2017

ADGEX is proud to announce that on the 01st of August 2017 the Company signed trilateral Contract with TOKYO-BOEKI and YOKOGAWA Companies for delivery of the first batch of unique mobile modules minimalFAB.

Yesterday in President-Hotel in Moscow the event marked the beginning of a new era for development of electronic industry was held! ADGEX officially became the world’s first Company to receive ultra-modern Japan complexes minimalFAB, which will allow ADGEX to launch advanced center of the unique technologies, where all competencies of progressive mobile electronics of a new generation will be encapsulated. Such center represents compact production laboratory, on the basis of which any scope of works, starting from design and production of microchips of any size and complexity to manufacturing of end market devices, can be implemented. minimalFAB units are to play a core and vital role in this model, making it possible to produce any required number of microchips – from a single-piece to massive batches of several thousand pieces.

7 months later the first lot of minimalFAB units will be delivered to ADGEX’s laboratory in Saint Petersburg, where production of the first electronic devices is to be initiated in March 2018. 

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr. Victor Uzlov said:

“Today is the historical moment for not only ADGEX and TOKYO BOEKI Companies, but also for entire global microelectronic industry! Having signed the Delivery Contract for minimalFAB units, we stepped into an altogether new era of electronics development. Hence, we are able to establish modern   production laboratories, capacities of which are to be adjusted by the number of installed digital minimalFAB units. Such approach requires no massive areas of megafabs. Welcome the time of new modern technologies, requiring revolutionary updated approach in microchips production and capable of satisfying the global demand.”

Equipping the laboratory with minimal units, ADGEX is turning a new page in history of microelectronics via transformation of current IDM model IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) into own AIDL format (Agile Integrated Device Laboratory). The present format allows dividing entire technological process of a microchip manufacturing into detached separate processes, implementation of which is to be carried out using individual modular approach, resulting in substantial simplification, acceleration and cheapening of manufacturing of any even the most complocated micro component.

Unique mobile production lines minimaLFAB are focused on small and mid-scale manufacturing of different microchips and provide extremely compact size of devices for wafer fabrication with just 30 cm in width. This is a revolutionary technological solution, which encompasses the most advanced technologies and development of the leading Japan industries. minimalFAB allows satisfying demand for small and medium batches of microchips, which are highly required for progressive and innovative devices, being predominantly invented by small businesses. Nowadays the global market is facing a unique situation, when hyper-focused devices and tools of small-lot production can’t be provided with corresponding advanced electronic components. The most remarkable thing is that demand of such sector is more than 50% of entire electronics market!