15 August 2017

Global changings are transforming the world we know and people are lagging far behind the development rate. In the course of the upcoming decade the world we live in will be inevitably altered by the continuously emerging new technological solutions, superseding current outdate technologies.

Vacuum electronics, alternative power sources and unique energy storage units, the processor for generation of electricity from waste – this is not the future, this is what ADGEX creates right here and right now, making our world a better place to live.

Alongside with the game-changing innovations, modern payment systems and service providers we got used to are also changing. Cryptocurrency has been recently created . The world has already started to use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, names of which are even unknown to ordinary people, to pay for goods and services. This fact must be admitted and accepted – cryptocurrency has come into general use and number of crypto transactions will be increasing rapidly.

ADGEX is not going to be out of the swim of things and will definitely take part in such important global market events!

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is similar to IPO on the traditional stock market. Having conducted ICO, the Company will get a powerful financial instrument, and each shareholder will gain the maximum income from the Company’s business activities. Today ADGEX is initiating Pre-ICO stage, which is going to last for about a month. Pre-ICO is the stage when investors are carrying out due diligence and getting familiar with the Company’s business portfolio.

After the ICO, shareholders will be able to capitalize their purchased tokens and monitor the increase of tokens' price, or sell them at their nominal value, having doubled the income. These are the rights and unique chance for each Company’s shareholder.

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