26 July 2017

ADGEX is carrying out a process on enlisting of greenBLAZE complex into the register of the Best Available Technologies and obtaining declaration on conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Due to the lack of contaminating materials of the 1-3 hazardous class, greenBLAZE processor is to be recommended for Enterprises, operation of which is related to pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. Having adopted greenBLAZE technology, such Enterprises will be exempt from payment of ecological levies.

Government of Russian Federation is pursuing an active policy of adoption of green modern waste treatment technologies. Before the end of 2018, the Companies of waste utilization field must provide a specific plan and guarantee they will apply new green technologies – this is the only way how they can carry out further operation. For now, such drastic measures are applied in Leningrad region and concern solid waste landfills only, but obviously, this initiative will be also taken by other regions in order to support citizens, unwilling to be found side by side with perilous waste treatment plants. In spite of the actions taken, waste landfills which are taking positive decision to be in step with the time will get serious preferences. Waste treatment complex “Noviy Svet-Eco” can be a good example of this governmental program. It received a subsides for the differential cost between the prime cost of generated electricity from waste and its market cost.  The governor of Leningrad region Mr. Aleksandr Drozdenko said that the government are going to keep on supporting green energetics as this is the only way how a country can develop eco-friendly technologies and turn them from something exotic into natural sector of economy.

ADGEX Company has all chances to take part in the present Program as apart from electric energy greenBLAZE Processors also produce synthetic motor fuel, which is highly sought product across the markets of CIS countries. Now we are conducting negotiations with a number of organization about introduction of greenBLAZE technology within Saint-Petersburg and Moscow regions with the support of International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) represented by National Association of Organizations of Operators of Waste Treatment “RUSRECYCLING”.