16 June 2017

ADGEX is proud to announce that June 15, 2017 is the day when the Company signed the first Memorandum with the leading representatives of electronic industry of Japan – YOKOGAWA and TOKYO-BOEKI RUS Companies on delivery of the first complexes minimalFAB to Russia and establishment of European Distribution Centre in the city of Saint Petersburg. 

Yesterday in Saint Petersburg ADGEX Company held discussions with the partners from Japan – YOKOGAWA Company, who is the only authorized operator for realization and commercializing of minimalFAB equipment, and TOKYO-BOEKI RUS – individual representative of minimalFAB’s inventor. Representatives of the companies explored the laboratory and the adjacent area where minimalFAB complexes are planned to be positioned. 

During the talks, the parties reached several understandings on mutually beneficial cooperation and about establishment of strategic business alliance. At the end of the meetings after long but productive negotiations, a number of key agreements was made and the first trilateral memorandum was signed. The memorandum heralded official start of long-term relations of the companies in the area of microelectronics. 

ADGEX is the first Company in the world, who will become official global distributor of minimalFAB complexes. Besides, the first purchase of unparalleled equipment will be done by ADGEX for its internal needs. minimalFAB represents compact modules, capable of producing various elements for microdevices and carrying out all treatment stages, superseding huge and costly microelectronic industrial plants. 

Moreover, it was taken a decision to form the first in the world business center in the city of Saint Petersburg on the basis of ADGEX Laboratory for distribution and adoption of minimalFAB equipment within the region, research in microelectronic sphere, and promotion & development of advanced trends in the electronic industry.