18 April 2017

The Board is proud to announce that ADGEX LIMITED has been awarded Diploma of the laureate in nomination “Excellence in the environmental sustainability of greenBLAZE technology” by the Golden Chariot Association.

The first international transport and environmental conference “Sustainable Development Goals of Sustainable Transport and Peace”, which brought together guests and participants from 30 countries around the world, was held at the UN Palace of Nations in Geneva on 12-13 April 2017. The Conference was held under the auspices of the International Association of Peace Foundations (led by the world chess champion Anatoly Karpov) and the Organizing Committee of the International Transport Award "Golden Chariot" with Albert Zhukov as its chairman.

The entry list of the Forum and the Award Ceremony comprised representatives of public authorities, UN experts, leaders of the world transport associations and other heads of the world's largest industry companies.

The conference was marked by awarding the world's best transport and environmentally responsible companies. greenBLAZE Project of ADGEX LTD was noted by awarding the Diploma for “Excellence in the environmental sustainability”.

The conference brought up the issues on adoption of innovative technologies to address the challenges of global ecology; the participants discussed relevant methods and scrutinized experience of various companies to effectively improve transport ecological safety problems, and reviewed focus areas of IT development to reduce negative impact on the environment.

Understanding pre-requisites of taking effective meaningful actions to solve the problems associated with climate change and regulation of harmful emissions to atmosphere, individual attention was paid to ADGEX Company – the developer of Environmentally Responsible Solutions. One of the goals of Sustainable Development in the field of production of eco-friendly motor fuel and electric energy was to support and introduce in transport, waste utilization, energy and other industries ready-made infrastructural solutions to meet the highest requirements of ecological safety. The first such solutions are combination of two advanced technologies: greenBLAZE and energyBRICK of ADGEX Company, which can be used for creation of unparalleled comprehensive energy complex to provide one of the most progressive approaches in the field of uninterrupted supply of green energy and high-grade fuel for any living area in any conditions. 

Following the results of the conference, participants adopted the Resolution on creation, advancement and introduction of safe, eco-friendly and reliable technical solutions and innovative technologies for development of transport industry and associated fields.

Participants of the conference repeatedly noted importance and necessity of creation highly effective, affordable and modern transport services, which signify key factors of global geo-economics development.

In conclusion, the Presidium, the experts and the organizers of the International Transport Award Golden Chariot sincerely thanked all the guests and participants of the conference “Sustainable development goals of sustainable transport and peace” for constructive work and congratulated the best representatives of the international transport community.

The Organizing Committee expressed gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the conference and the ceremony, including the leader in the field of innovative technologies in the field of transport and ecology, Australian company ADGEX Limited and individually to its founder Mr. Victor Uzlov.