07 July 2016

ADGEX Limited participated in Venture Festival of Investors, held in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation from 23 to 25 of June 2016.

Venture Festival is the greatest annual event for private investors and start-ups. This year Venture Festival hosted more than 500 investors, representatives of venture funds, major corporations, science field, universities and government. This is one of the largest forum for effective open dialogue between business sphere, scientific enterprises and government bodies.

Three divisions of ADGEX Limited presented its groundbreaking products: ADGEX BLAZE with mobile waste-to-energy processor greenBLAZE, ADGEX ENERGY and its unique energy accumulators SEVA, and ADGEX VITIM with disruptive technology of ultra-perfect single crystals growth.

Our stand with breakthrough technologies was of a great interest to tremendous number of participants, starting from representatives of leading Universities to high-ranked officials. During all three festival’s days our stand was never free!

Thorough attention was given to our technologies by government commission of Saint Petersburg. Vice-governor personally expressed his interest to close cooperation with ADGEX and readiness to support and facilitate integrating some of our projects into local and regional clusters on development and promotion of innovative projects and products.