12 July 2016

Energy Future Conference and Exhibition is one of the largest academic conferences on Energy sector in Australia was held in Sydney from 4-6 July, 2016. Mr Jasbir Singh, Executive Director of ADGEX Ltd with more than 30-years’ experience in Global energy market was invited to speak in this Conference on topic of emerging future energy trends in Global Energy sectors.

Major issue Mr. Singh raised was was if Conventional and Sustainable Energy sources may co-exist in current competitive Energy Market.

The current trend of the Market has been shown in studies of the Indian case scenario, which is an excellent indicator of changes in whole International Energy Industry. Recently, Indian Power Sector has fully dominated by conventional source, like Coal constituting about 75% of the total power generation. In the last few years India has expressively emphasized on non-conventional energy sources, Solar particularly.

The case proved that Economic co-existence is possible for both conventional and sustainable Energy sources in a competitive Energy Market in India. However, careful and smart structural and political changes are required for this co-existence, otherwise, there is a great risk conventional coal projects are to be stranded.

ADGEX has smart portfolio of innovative energy storage systems (energyBRICK), green energy generating (greenBLAZE) and sustainable infrastructural projects (UPRAIL) to support these fast emerging global trends in sustainable energy sector.