07 March 2016

ADGEX LTD intimates that demonstrative launch of the greenBLAZE on Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) took place on 26 of February 2016 in the city of Tomsk, Russian Federation. Over 15 potential customers from different countries visited the meeting. All design team and experts attended meeting as well.

Technical president of ADGEX BLAZE Mr. Vladimir Lyubochko said that presentation had gone very well. GreenBLAZE processor with capacity of 50 litres of diesel fuel per 1 hour was launched on MSW and demonstrated to all attendeed. The visitors were able to have a closer look at the entire operational process:  warming-up, preparation of MSW as a feedstock, start-up, all operational stages of synthesis process, and certainly – generation of end product, notably diesel fuel. In the meantime, principal experts were answering to numerous questions of the customers about construction of the processor, operational processes, generated fuel and others. The session lasted for several hours and eventually the specialists stopped the machine. Some customers expressed their willingness to grab the generated fuel for analysis.

Managing Director of ADGEX LTD Mr. Victor Uzlov said:

«After successful start of the processor and finalization of demonstrative and technical part of the program, we invited all guests to roundtable negotiations, where warranty and post-warranty support, as well as certification of the processor and ecological assessment issues were discussed.

Mr. Pavel Sukhonin, a member of Expert Council of Committee for Natural resources, nature management and ecology of State Duma of Russian Federation, an authorized partner of «Rusrecycling» also visited the roundtable meeting. ADGEX officially invited Mr. Sukhonin to carry out ecological assessment. It must be also mentioned, that assessment was successfully conducted and the Conclusion was provided at the roundtable meeting.

Successful result of the Program is signed MoU for the greenBLAZE processor with capacity of 50 litres. Several Customers has preliminary consented to order the processor and sign the contract in the foreseeable future after coming back to their enterprises».