12 December 2016

ADGEX LIMITED is proud to announce that the BLAZE Division manufactured and released innovative complex “innerCUT” for a fast and professional cutting and welding of pipes.

 innerCUT represents a mobile and compact tool, able to cut and weld almost any type of pipes in a matter of minutes without continuous mounting and time-consuming assembly process in any climatic and production conditions. innerCUT allows cutting almost any pipes with length of up to 11m and diameter from 500 to 1400mm with wall thickness of up to 0.1mm. It is able to cut high-quality pipe ends and bevels as well as any angle and saddles without preliminary processing of cutting surface. The major feature of the innerCUT complex is that it can be also used for a professional welding of tubes, thanks to simple swap of the cutting head for a welding torch!

Technical President of ADGEX BLAZE Dr. Vladimir Lyubochko said:

“We’ve managed to design and manufacture one of the most unique pipe cutting complexes, capable of being positioned and cutting tubes from the inside, that is much more effective, fast and convenient way of cutting. This allowed us to significantly decrease dimensions and weight of the complex, having made it compact and mobile. Processes of innerCUT deployment and operation take no more than 20-25 mins, at that assembling and exploitation can be carried out by a single person without any specific knowledge or skills. innerCUT is automatedly moved inside of pipes and provides high cutting speed of up to 20mm/sec within a wide temperature range from -50oC to +130oC.”

To make a smooth and successful cut, innerCUT doesn’t require any preliminary processing of cutting surface, as well as no need in additional cut processing due to the highest cutting quality. This fact makes it possible to start welding of tubes immediately after the cutting process is finished just by simple change of the cutting head. Structural universality of innerCUT allows mounting automatic welding torch instead of plasma cutter to use innerCUT as a highly effective welding tool.

Managing Director of ADGEX Limited Mr. Victor Uzlov added:

“Pipe-cutting complex innerCUT is a truly unique and breakthrough solution. Inimitable speed of operation and perfect cutting quality allows using innerCUT for both scheduled maintenance and emergency works as well as for construction of new gas and oil pipelines. High safety, reliability and efficiency level and ease of operation and maintenance allows increasing productivity and quality of executed works with simultaneous OPEX reducing, providing steady operation of repair agencies and strict compliance to ecological standards.”

To place an order and find out detailed information, please send your requests at blaze@adgex.com. Our specialists will contact you at the earliest!