02 November 2016

ADGEX LIMITED is proud to announce that ADGEX DRIVE Division manufactured and successfully tested the first 10 engineering prototypes of electric motors flatDRIVE.

FlatDRIVE is universal flat electric motors with disc printed anchor, surpassing all similar products in terms of dynamic and static characteristics as well structural and technological features.

Being light and compact, flatDRIVE has a high efficiency level, increased torque, enhanced reliability, durability and electric safety. flatDRIVE is shock-proof & resistant to high dynamic impact. It is able to withstand multiple and frequent overloads and can operate in a wide temperature range. 

ADGEX DRIVE Specialists has significantly improved and modified production method and adopted new manufacturing technology of electric motors and pertinent component parts. Structure of flatDRIVE is now consisted of unified modules of 6 different typical units with power from 90 to 500W and rotation frequency of 3000 rev/min. Unified modules represent independent assembly elements, which can be built directly into actuating mechanism of final product, reducing its weight, dimensions and simplifying entire assembly process.  

The present manufacturing technology makes it possible to enter the market with not only brand new universal electric motors, but also with its standardized component parts, which will be delivered alongside with flatDRIVE assembly technique, allowing end customer to personally integrate required component modules of electric motor into actuating mechanisms of their tools and items. 

New tailored approach in flatDRIVE production will allow ADGEX to create more flexible and customer-oriented product range, providing our clients with freedom of selection and personal involvement into production cycle of new unique tools and mechanisms.