24 October 2016

ADGEX BLAZE Division is glad to announce that test and performance programm for commercial processor greenBLAZE-120 has been successfully finalized.

The decision to start designing and manufacturing commercial processor with production capacity of 120 liters of synthetic liquid fuel was taken by ADGEX BLAZE after successful international presentation of greenBLAZE-50 prototype on 26 of February 2016. The former machine greenBLAZE-50 had passed 24-months testing cycle, including destructive test, demonstrating high level of endurance, safety and reliability. Nevertheless, designers of greenBLAZE processor were willing to produce even greater market sample and determined new enhanced parameters and required design alterations for a better processor. Entire scope of improvements has been implemented in commercial processor greenBLAZE-120 with a great success.

Technical President of ADGEX BLAZE Dr Vladimir Lyubochko has intimated the following technical features of greenBLAZE-120 and pertinent testing program:

“Our team has managed to cope with assigned technical task for 6 months, starting from design stage and to manufacturing of ready-made product. greenBLAZE-120 became even more compact and well-controlled. Performance of control system was enhanced because we increased number of sensors and adopted new program to control the processor’s operating regimes. During coal gasification process, we are now able to fully utilize the carbon, evidenced by the analysis of ash residue. Chromatographic gas analysis, carried out on every stage of test programme demonstrated that generated syngas complies with all necessary conditions and perfectly fits for production of required hydrocarbons.”

Managing Director of ADGEX Limited Mr Victor Uzlov added the following information:

“greenBLAZE-120 processor is not for sale as it is made in a single copy. The purpose of production was to test and upgrade design documentation for greenBLAZE-200 machine, mass production of which is scheduled to commence in the nearest future. Successful launch of the greenBLAZE-120 proved correctness and trustworthy of our design documentation, having removed all technological risks before commencement of mass production and global rolling out the final product.”

ADGEX is proudly advises that our greenBLAZE product is truly unparalleled. We are the world leaders in the present area and scientific approach we use in controlled reaction of cold fusion. It means that ADGEX BLAZE is about to start manufacturing and saturating the market with greenBLAZE machines in the most foreseeable future. The very first processors will be definitely designed for MSW treatment.

Let’s make the world cleaner with greenBLAZE!