13 July 2015

ADGEX Ltd. announces, that from 03 to 05 of July in Saint Petersburg, Russia the Company's first ever Technical Council was held.

Technical Council is a fundamental event with participation of ADGEX’s Top Management, Technical Presidents and key experts of all Company’s divisions. The key purpose of the Council is introduction of key products to representatives of various structural divisions of the company and mutual development of the company's strategy. Separate attention was paid to establishment of tight internal connections between the Company’s divisions and working out of mutual projects.

Managing Director of ADGEX Ltd., Mr Victor Uzlov said that Technical Council had been conducted at the highest level and in a good working manner. In the course of three days meeting of the Company’s Leadership, all planned tasks were solved in a full scope: close and mutually beneficial relations between divisions were established, budget of the Company was approved, ADGEX’s Corporate Structure was formed.

Cornerstone event of the Technical Council was determination of the Company’s targeted products and project to launch in a short-term range:

  • Mobile energy processor greenBLAZE;
  • Мacuum microelectronics;
  • New generation of batteries based on nickel porous frame;
  • Material engineering, notably synthesis of new materials for internal needs of the Company’s divisions;
  • Two-level road structure UPRAIL: upper level of road structure provides movement of cargo and passenger modules, and the lower level allows mounting of electric cables and pipeline for gas or oil conveyance.
  • Suspended UPRAIL system, representing unmanned mechanism with suspended module, capable of moving over stationary pre-stressed cables at any height and over any terrain. 

In the course of Technical Council reliable trust-based relations between Technical Presidents of the various divisions were established. All attendees undeniably agreed to focus on joint collaboration to continue effectively develop the Company’s divisions.