12 December 2015

International Exhibition AUSRAil Plus 2015 was held in Melbourne, Australia from 24 to 26 of November.

Leading Companies from around the globe took part in the exhibition. In accordance with AUSRail traditions, most of stands were dedicated to a traditional rail transportation. However, stand of ADGEX Limited was truly distinctive. The distinction was reflected in two different aspects. The stand itself was implemented in the form of authorship handicraft work, as well as advanced rail structure, effective model of which was placed on the world’s first pre-stressed track structure in demonstration purposes.

UPRAIL model is fully-functioning stand of pre-stressed track structure, consisted of 2 anchor and one intermediate supports. Length of the track is 5 meters. It vividly and precisely demonstrated realization of 4 longitudinal and transverse stability levels of a track structure in real life.

Visitors of the stand could observe applying of tension of major bearing longitudinal cables of UPRAIL system and the way how it responds to a rolling stock movement.

Rolling stock was represented by samples of mounted wagons and passenger cars, which are attached to a power module platform. It demonstrated essential difference between UPRAIL transport system and conventional railroad transport. Introducing such breakthrough technical solutions of UPRAIL as low material-intensity of track structure, simplicity and reliability of its mounting, universality and mobility of rolling stock, leading specialists of ADGEX Limited were able to clearly demonstrate why CAPEX and OPEX of UPRAIL is substantially lower than traditional railroad. All guests of our pavilion noted the highest technical level of each particluar element made for the UPRAIL System.

Individual attention must be paid to exceptional design of our stand, which looked effectively and prominently against a common background of plastic, neon lights and bright signs. Rear part of the stand was represented by metal engraving, where 3D model of Sydney Opera House was reflected. Metal sculptures of different animals, birds, plants and trees from Australian wild world were placed along the pavillion's perimeter. The model of the track structure was positioned in the middle distance, rising over flora and fauna and vividly demonstrating that UPRAIL not only does not interfere and ruin environment, but also preserve wild life pristine and unharmed. All visitors mentioned that stand of ADGEX Limited was the best in terms of design among all other pavilions of AUSRail 2015 exhibition.

Managing Director of ADGEX Limited, Mr. Victor Uzlov said that all designated tasks associated with the exhibition were solved. First of all, these are crowned with success commercial contracts and business contacts, which will make it possible to move to the active stage of real-life UPRAIL realization.