27 September 2014

ADGEX sucessfully develops the dealer network of Energy-Resource Conservation Technology and opens ERC division in Kamchatka, Russian Federation.

Mr Victor Uzlov, Managing Director of Adgex Ltd said that first treatment results in Kamchatka (Russia) had proved high quality level of ERC components. 

“After full ERC treatment cycle of a worn cylinder-piston group of internal combustion engine, it parameters were brought close to the state of a new engine. As an example, minibus TOYOTA HIACE (diesel engine KZ) demonstrated compression level growth from 22-24 to 30-31 after the ERC-technology treatment (measurement before treatment and after the treatment and mileage 800 km between measurements). The same 3-litres diesel engine KZ of TOYOTA PRADO vehicle (with a very high initial mileage) demonstrated compression level growth from 20-24 to 26-28 just after first treatment cycle with forecast of such parameters conservation for 300 000 km”. - Victor added.

Wishing our easternmost ERC Division a further success in work, positive feedback, exciting customers and financial wellbeing!