22 July 2014

ERC Technology is a mixture of innovative tribological components, capable of increasing service life, reducing wear and tear, and improving major technical specifications of all mechanisms and aggregates. Thanks to a great experience of our principal experts, applicability of the ERC-technology covers both commercial & private vehicles and heavy industrial equipment.

Managing Director of ADGEX, Mr. Victor Uzlov said: “We are planning to distribute the technology of Energy-Resource Conservation internationally. Our first target market is Russian Federation, where we have significant experience and a well-formed network of large industrial clients. However, the Company is looking forward to rolling out ERC-technology in Australia and India as well. We have a real ready-for-service algorythm to lower OPEX of heavy machinery, i.e. industrial locomotives, haulers, machines, quarry equipment, and others”.

At the moment, we are forming database of our authorized distributors and invite all interested individual or legal persons to partner internationally.