16 November 2014

The main event of the second day of AUSRAIL 2014 exhibition was the CEO Forum. Forum moderator, Mr Bryan Nye, Head of Rail  Transport Association of Australia introduced all attendees and masterfully queried participants. As a result all attendees perceived broad picture of the present situation in railroad transport; The presenters gave speeches of the innovations in the area of suspended rolling stock and signaling systems, announcing successfully implemented projects and tendencies in the areas of legislation and regulating rules. However, majority of attendees noted weak economic efficiency of the presented innovations.

Apart from this, detailed attention was paid to the problem of innovations adaptation and bureaucratic restrictions. All participants noted the industry is at the peak of operational capacities and requires new effective solutions.

However, subsequent questions of the audience and mutual opinion of all participants and attendees was focused on the fact of absence of true innovations in the industry. The approaches and novelties, applicable today, certainly improve operation and resolve current transport situation, but at the same time they are not capable of moving up the industry to a new level.

Although the main theme of the exhibition was innovations in transport,  in fact the genuine innovations were "left in the basket".

Behind-the-scenes, Managing Director, Mr Victor Uzlov, personally met with Mr Bryan Nye and presented UPRAIL as a new breakthrough transport solution. Bryan personally noted its attractiveness at the highest level as the one capable of resolving strategic transport tasks of Australia. Bryan Nye said that ADGEX UPRAIL shall obligatory participate in AUSRAIL Plus 2015 in Melbourne.