12 November 2014

Today ADGEX Limited team has taken part in AUSRail 2014 exhibition held in Perth, Australia.

The major topic of the exhibition is innovation in railroad transport. Company's employees of the ADGEX Company took active part in establishing long-term business relations with potential partners, equipment manufacturers and other participators.

During hte plenary sessions, speakers of leading companies of the industry familirized participants with the newest inventions in fields of production of locomotives, rolling stock, and life systems. Behind-the scenes, many of these innovations were compared to achievements of the UPRAIL transportation system.

Managing Director of the Company, Mr Victor Uzlov said: "We have what to be proud of!. UPRAIL's fundamental scheme epitomize a brilliant advanced solution  of freight and passanger transportation, meeting simultaneously both the most up-to-date requirements in the areas of safety and ecology and increasing demands of customers in the field of transport operation."

It is important to note that such a high value of the ADGEX's inventions were given by principal officials of transportation and safety depatments. All of them unanimously forecasted UPRAIL system would be the major transportation system of Australia after the first commercial realization of the project. It was emphasized, UPRAIL system carrying matchless technical and operational benefits, has much lower cost against traditioinal railroad.

Mr Victor Uzlov added: "ADGEX Company will take part in AUSRail 2015 to be held next year. Company regards this event as utterly important and is planning to demonstrate several key products in transportation field, that are elevated and suspended UPRAIL systems. Operating models of all aforementioned systems will be represented at the hand-mane unique stand".