16 June 2013

ADGEX's Off-shore Port technology for high volume commodities introduces an advanced foresight on the future vision of the mining industry over the world.  ADGEX has the ability to extend the UPRAIL track directly to an open sea. The Off-shore Loading Terminal "TRIPORT" is a modern engineering facility with effective traditional industry practices, located in the sea area of natural depths up to 25-30 meters intended for mooring and loading of bulk carriers with any capacity. Currently, ADGEX’s Off-shore Ports infrastructure operational capacity is estimated to be up to 100 Mtpa, with non-stop 24 hour operation with three ship loaders for the port at any given time. ADGEX Off-shore Port's solution provides opportunities to load simultaneous Panamax and Capesize vessels directly in open see at the same time, within less than 24 hour waiting period.