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A group of caring and ambitious people, ready to pursue their goals in making our Planet safer, greener and a better place to live!
ADGEX Company
ADGEX is a World leading developer and manufacturer of technologies & solutions to transform complex environmental issues into prospects for sustainable growth
Global Pollution – a Problem or a Resource?

Looking at current state of human affairs it is difficult to be enthusiastic. It is dominated by advancements in technology and a promise of technological possibilities of the future.

It is also characterized by rapid utilization of natural resources and intensive waste generation. At the same time, it is becoming obvious that we have created an enormous pressure on Earth’s natural processes and systems.

The Problem

In recent history there are numerous examples of environmental disasters and man-made catastrophes, disappearance of species and ecosystems, deforestation, wide spread pollution and drastic shortages of water.

Humankind in its thirst to acquire more and more created extreme inequalities in societies, war zones and terrorism followed by migration of people on an unprecedented scale.

Many scientists warn the problems we created so far have already exceeded capacity of our technological competencies. The magnitude of difficulties we experience grows exponentially and our simplistic reactive solutions cannot catch up with it.

The Solution

The Company’s technological implementations are based on the principles that exist in Nature. Their application gives breathing space to Earth and does not generate toxic materials in high concentrations. It is the first and most important step, which gives Planetary systems time to adapt. It is in connection with this, we introduce term “planetary immunity” which means consistent capacity of the planet to balance variations of external and internal fluctuations.
Now it is time for business to take the lead in providing both financial and technological means to respond to environmental issues.
We believe that it is still possible to push the things along. Making a paradigm shift requires transformative thinking, political will, community involvement and as a foundation, availability of new scientific realities.
Adgex Developed a Unique
Sustainable Program
“Conservation and Restoration of Ecological Environment WATER – SOIL - AIR”
The present program integrated a bundle of environmentally responsible technologies of ADGEX company, designed and aimed at restoration of “planetary immunity” and rendering sustainable emergency assistance to our Planet.

Global Ocean Cleanup

A massive “waste continent” has been formed in the Pacific Ocean due to specifics of the current. It accumulates plastic waste from Asia and South America in the northern part of the ocean and forms a huge waste patch. This "continent" was discovered by captain Charles Moore from California.

According to environmentalists, approx. 100 million tons of plastic is concentrated there today. Plastic is not decomposed, even under the influence of aggressive sunlight it only breaks up into flakes. The major part of garbage comes from the mainland.

viableGREEN – International Sustainable Platform

A group of caring and ambitious people, ready to pursue their goals in making our Planet safer, greener and a better place to live! Our purpose is to integrate groundbreaking technologies into sustainable solutions, remediating the environment and sharing opportunities and benefits with all people on Earth.
We are inviting everyone, who is ready to take active part in shaping a new safe and sustainable world, to become a part of our movement! Only together we can make truly changes!
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