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Company Management
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Behind ADGEX success are professional team of high-qualified experts with multiple skills and talents.
Each and every of our members personifies the spirit of our company: dynamic, eager, and devoted.
Our employees bring ideas, energy and success to their work. We are proud to share our global expertise and in-depth knowledge with our clients and partners. We are community of eco-champions deeply committed to making our life more environmentally friendly, and striving to turn our Planet into a greener, safer and smarter place to live.

Board Of Directors

Chairman & Managing Director
ME (Engineering) Hons, MBA (Distinction)
Victor Uzlov

Victor has gained his broad international business experience in strategic, financial, operational and marketing positions he held in large and complex international businesses.
He is founder of ADGEX Limited and creator of the Company’s business model.
He has been holding the position of Managing director since the incorporation 01 December 2012.

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Mr. Uzlov is an Intellectual Property expert. As entrepreneur he is focused on the development of new technologies. Victor has unique skills in Intellectual Property commercialisation. Previously, he held executive position at MIRAX Group (leading real estate Development Corporation in Moscow, Russia, with assets valued at more than US$2.5 billion) and Head of Branch of CV Protek - National Distributor of Health and Beauty Products (US$ 2.0 billion turnover).

Executive Director & MD (South Asia)
MBA (Finance), M.E (Power Systems), MAICD
Jasbir Singh

Jasbir held a number of senior business unit leadership roles from and including General Management, Divisional and Functional Head roles including Board and Non-Executive or other advisory. He is on the position of Executive director since November 2015.

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Mr. Singh possesses significant leadership and strategic experience across Board Leadership, Finance, Operations, Business Development, Board, Transformations for businesses like Resource Sector, Infrastructure Sector, Energy Sector including non-conventional energy resources (Solar), and Power Utility. Previously, Jasbir led Jindal Steel & Power (Australia) with turnover of US$ 2.0 billion (Developed an Australian resource company with significant coal and Iron resources and related port and rail infrastructure).

Executive Director & Company Secretary
M.Ed., MBA (Distinction)
Oxana Uzlova

Oxana has more than 20 years’ extensive board, strategy, governance and risk management experience. She held various leadership positions in public companies. Oxana has been an Executive Director of Company since March 2015. As Company Secretary, she brings wide-ranging experience in continuous disclosure and corporate governance obligations.

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Ms. Uzlova has gained comprehensive experience in the Strategic Approach, Management Consultancy and Investment Advisory. In addition, Oxana is a highly professional corporate psychologist. She is the author of the method of non-material motivation of IP-developers in the Company. Previously, Ms. Uzlova led her own business. She has over 15 years' experience in the retail and marketing on the level of National operator.

Promotion Team

Kon Beyner
Director of Business Development of ADGEX Limited company, Australia
Yaroslav Sopov
Corporate Promoter of ADGEX Limited
Stephan Jelinek
Director of ADGEX Limited Representative Office in Europe
Dr. Heiko Friedrich
Director of Business Development of ADGEX Limited company, Germany
Kenneth W H Lee
Director and corporate counsel in the MADISON MARCUS ADVISORY Company, Australia

Technical advisors

Dr. Andrey Genelev
Technical Director of the VITIM Project
PhD (Radiotechnics), MSc (Electronics)
Danil Makogonov
Technical Director of the energyBRICK Project
MSc in Radiophysics
Dr. Pavel Sukhonin
Scientific supervisor of the UN program "Remediation of technogenic activities"
PhD in Philosophy, Practitioner in water purification
Dr. Sergei Zotov
Technical Director of the greenBLAZE Project
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences
Dr. Vladimir Zasemkov
Technical Director of the VITIM Project
PhD (Radiophysics), MSc. (Electronics)
Lev Basov
Technical Director of the greenBLAZE Project
PhD in Technical Sciences (Math & Physics)
Dr. Victor Evseenkov
Technical Director of the energyBRICK Project
PhD (Radiophysics), MSc. (Electronics)
Igor Dubatouka
Technical Director of the UPRAIL Project
M.E. (Design Engineer), PhD in Technical Sciences

Sales & Marketing

Dmitry Kasparyan
Director of ADGEX Limited Representative Office in Russia
Vasily Muzanov
Project manager of ADGEX Limited. Australia
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