Integration into the existing scheme

The greenBLAZE technology is able to integrate into the existing waste management scheme of cities and settlements and is able to solve on a turnkey basis both local problems on the ground and the fulfillment of strategic tasks as a whole:

  • Recycling of solid waste directly at the place of its generation, which allows to reduce the volume of waste before it is taken to the landfill, as well as to significantly reduce transportation costs for garbage disposal.
  • Increase the percentage of recyclable waste and reduce the percentage of landfilled fractions.
  • Reducing the body of valid polygons (approximately 10:1).
  • Elimination of mothballed dumps and landfills.
  • Elimination of unauthorized dumps.
  • Utilization of TKO as a source of alternative energy - obtaining environmentally friendly products from waste: heat, electricity and fuel.

Creation of waste management infrastructure in the region that meets high standards of environmental safety.

Scheme of operation of the regional operator for solid waste management

greenBLAZE as energy burning RDF (Refused derived fuel).

The application of greenBLAZE mobile complexes as energy combustion of RDF (Refused derived fuel) acquires a separate strategic importance.  The greenBLAZE plants can be operated as thermal power plants (TPP).

  • In the thermal power plant mode, 1 MWh of electricity + 0.5 Gcal/hour of heat.
  • In the heat plant mode 2.0 Gcal/hour of heat.
Competitive advantages

Competitive advantages

The greenBLAZE complex has the following competitive advantages:

  • It has no harmful emissions to the environment due to the ecology block and exhaust gas utilization.
  • It can operate in both stationary and mobile versions.
  • All equipment of the complex is placed in two 40-foot containers and can be easily transported to any desired location. If necessary, the complex does not require connection to the infrastructure and can operate autonomously.
  • Due to the cassette-module approach, the capacity and volume of waste processing can be easily increased and reduced right on site. The complex does not require connection to the infrastructure and can operate autonomously.
Information for customers.


The cost of the greenBLAZE Complex:

  • Depends on individual requirements of the customer, specification of waste and volumes of its processing, the need to use additional equipment and the type of energy products required at the end of processing at the outlet

Included in the price of the Complex are:

  • Customer's personnel training (carried out during commissioning)
  • Installation and commissioning

Lead time:

  • 4 - 7 months (depending on the greenBLAZE plant configuration)