Ideal Single Crystal
Ultra-perfect or “ideal” single crystal is a volumetric crystalline system with completely faceted crystallization frontline, free from defects with high transparency level.

Ultra-Perfect Single Crystals

Crystals are the most eagerly sought, expensive and at the same time deficient component of modern tools. Crystal is able to generate laser beam, detect ionized radiation, transform solar light into electricity etc. Nevertheless, scientific and technological progress demands higher level of perfectness and enhanced specifications of single crystals.

Crystals has no lifetime – however, majority of market fields are currently experiencing ever-growing shortage of high-quality flawless single crystals due to energy intensive methods of their growth and large amount of waste produced during the synthesis.

The Platform for Synthesis of Single Crystals Includes:

  • The technology of single crystals growth “Exceptional Environment”
  • Unique chambers for single crystals growth
  • Own scientific school in the field of single crystals growth

Exceptional Environment
Growth technology

ADGEX VITIM designed an innovative technological platform for synthesis of “ideal” large-format and oriented single crystals.
Conversely to all current growing technologies of crystals, when they are simply pulled unless desired shape and size are reached, our technology “Exceptiona Environment” is based on the method of layer-wise growth in naturally established environment.
The crystals, grown under the technology “Exceptional Environment” feature greater specifications against analogues currently presented on the global market.
Unique chambers, expressly designed for our technology “Exceptional Environment”, allows growing structurally “ideal” single crystals of up to 260 mm in diameter and 500 mm in height.

Competitive Advantages of The Technology “Exceptional Environment”

(as exemplified by a crystal detector ZnWO4)
  • Specifications
  • “Exceptional Environment”
  • Other growth methods
  • Weight
  • 20 kg
  • 1 kg
Crystals size
  • - diameter
  • до 140 mm
  • до 50 mm
  • - length
  • до 300 mm
  • до 150 mm
  • Dislocating density
  • min 100 cm2
  • 10000 cm2
  • Energy consumption of 1 chamber
  • 5 kW
  • 30 kW
  • Feedstock efficiency ratio
  • 90%
  • 40%

Growth Chambers

Our unique chambers are specifically designed for the technology “Exceptional Environment” and allows synthesising “ideal” large-format and oriented single crystals in a laboratory setting.

The synthesis is completely automated and based on our own software.

Ease of settings adjustment and equipment adaptiveness allows reconfiguring our chambers for any single crystal in a short span of time.

Delivery of Ready-made “Ideal” Single Crystals and Elements

  • Leucosapphire
  • Lasers
    Al2O3:Ti, YVO4, Gd3Ga5O12 GdVO4 Y3Al5O12, YAlO3
  • Scintillators
    LuAlO3,Lu2SiO5, (Lu,Y)2SiO5, Gd2SiO5
  • Piezoelectrics
    LiTaO3, KTaO3, La3Ga5SiO14
  • Optoelectronics
    ZnO, Ga2O3
  • Semi-conductors
    Si, Ge, CdTe, InP, ZnTe GaAs
  • Scintillators
    CdWO4,ZnWO4, Bi4Ge3O12, PbWO4
  • Acoustooptics
    TeO2, PbMoO4
  • No-linear optics
    LiNbO3, LiBO3, KTiOPO4,BaB2O4
  • Lasers
    KGd(WO4)2: Nd
  • Piezoelectrics
    SrBaNb2O6 , ( PbMg 0.33 Nb 0.67)1-x: (PbTiO3)x
Atmosphere chamber GENESIS-AIR is designed for synthesis of oxide single crystals in an aerial environment at the atmospheric pressure and temperature of max 1600°С.
  • Crucible material:
  • Operation temperature:
    дup to 1600 °С
  • Power:
    5 kW
  • Weight accuracy:
    min 20mg
  • Temperature accuracy:
    0,01 °С
  • Diameter of crystals:
    up to 160mm
  • Weight of crystals:
    up to 50 kg
  • Product yield:
    up to 90%
Vacuum chamber GENESIS-AIR is designed for synthesis of single crystals in vacuum or gaseous environment at atmospheric pressure and temperature of max 2300°С.
  • Crucible material:
    Iridium, quartz, graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten, molybdenum
  • Operation temperature:
    up to 2300 °С
  • Power:
    10 kW
  • Weight accuracy:
    min 20mg
  • Temperature accuracy:
    0,01 °С
  • Diameter of crystals:
    up to 260mm
  • Weight of crystals:
    up to 100 kg
  • Product yield:
    up to 90%

Present Time

We are aimed at production of high-quality large-format scintillating crystals - cadmium tungstate (CWO) and zinc tungstate (ZWO). Cadmium tungstate CdWO4 is the cadmium salt of a tungstic acid. Cadmium tungstate is a dense, solid, insoluble in water and inorganic acids, chemically inert crystal.

Ultra-pure single crystals CdWO4 are transparent and colourless. The density is 7.9-8.0 g/cm3, melting temperature – 1271oC, refraction coefficient is 2.2-2.3; Mohs hardness is 4-4.5, non-hygroscopic. CWO is one of the densest and quick scintillators.


Single crystals of cadmium tungstate are widely used in medicine (particularly in tomography), x-ray safety systems, customs screening systems for inspection of oversized cargoes (containers, vehicles, vessels, aircraft), for detection of ionizing radiation in nuclear physics and particle physics.