CRIBROL is a versatile compact filtration system designed
to solve major challenges of oil and gas industries

The use of Cribrol allows to find the most effective solution for industry, reduces the corrosive wearing down of equipment,
and losses products, as well as improves the quality of product and production processes.
Dewatering of gas/oil products
Treatment of water polluted with oil and fat fractions
Cumulative damage relief
Restoration of disturbed environment
The principle of installation
Universal space-saving solution for effective separation of water and gases without use of reagents and electric power
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Universal Space-Saving Solution to Complex Problems

Dewatering of Gases and Oil Products
Dewatering of gases and oil products occurs at all stages ​of production, transportation, storage and usage
Liquidation of Oil Spills at Sea
Pumping the surface layer of oil spills with further separation of the oil-water emulsion
Purification All Types of Fuels
Purification of fuel from water and other impurities during storage, transportation, refueling and pumping
Natural Water Purification
Liquidation of Oil Spill Through Groundwater Treatment and Soil Recultivation
Industrial & Bilge-Water Treatment
Treatment of bilge-water, sewage and circulating water enterprises from oil and fat containing fractions

Cost Effective Operation & Easy Maintenance

Cribrol is a universal space-saving solution for effective separation of water and gases without use of reagents and electric power.
Cribrol includes just one compact module, designed for effective implementation of several technological tasks at once:
  • - Purification of water from mechanical impurities
    within the range 5-500 micron
  • - Coalescence and separation
    in automatic mode without additional energy consumption.
  • - Flotation
    - Sorption
    molecular sieves
  • Comparison of Technologies
    Equipment Used Today
  • Size
    One compact module
    7 -10 times larger than Cribrol
  • Oil Purification Efficiency
    Up to 90%
Cribrol filtration modules are a way more effective against all other currently used models on global market. Having equal production capacity Cribrol is smaller by 10 times than complex multi-stage plants of oil and gas purification and separation. In addition to this, dewatering rate of the cribrol module reaches 100%.
Mobile and space-saving design coupled with low OPEX and easy maintenance of the Cribrol modules allows reaching ultimate effectiveness at oil and gas facilities.

Standard CRIBROL Cartridges of Different Capacity

0,5-10 м3/hour
LNG cleaning
2 м3/hour
14 - 180 м3/hour
50 - 2500 м3/hour
Gasoline cleaning

«Cribrol» Quality Assurance

Our experience allows us to deal with the cleaning of a wide range of oil products and gas media with the maximum economic and environmental effect.
Practical application of our technologies at various sites in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, gives us the opportunity to constantly expand the scope of applications where our equipment can efficiently solve the problems of our customers.
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Stages of work

Detailed study of a specific task on a specific object
Test tests in our organization or in the customer’s organization​
Оbtaining research protocols in organizations accredited by the customer​
Сomparison with previously used equipment​
Сoordination of project documentation and equipment price harmonization with the customer​
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