ADGEX ENERGY presents energyBRICK energyBRICK – unique mobile energy complex, pushing the boundaries of energy storage and transmission.

energyBRICK is a set of solutions to provide uninterrupted power supply for all infrastructural or private objects. energyBRICK is designed specially for you – it can be used at home or office, as a continuous power source for all industrial structures, as a back-up power source for power mains and electrical sub-stations, and for the purpose of energy transportation to end customers.

Комплексы energyBRICK complexes are based in the unique energy cell called SEVA. This modular cell can be designed in any shape – circle, square, star that allows producing infinite number of various items using different form of SEVA cells.Energy accumulation method is based on altogether new technology of a volumetric porous nickel frame, thanks to which SEVA carries superior technical and consumer properties.