INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY — is advanced fundamental knowledge in Science, Material Engineering, Practical Experience, and Vast Experimental Database.

Our scientists strive for continued innovations and discovery of sustainable game-changing products.

ADGEX is one of a few world leaders, who manufactures brand new products, changing usual stereotypes of Customers and creating a novel worldview.

Intellectual Property is fundamental base for long-term Company strategy, directed to production of high-competitive products and services, capable of solving matters of innovation development for our core markets. Today we live in the era of progressive development of science and technics, and it is scientific breakthrough which plays a role of major competences' supplier. New markets and Company’s competitive strength directly correlate with ability to generate new ideas and put them into practice.

Intellectual Property of ADGEX is the basis for the Company's Capitalization. Intellectual Property means amongst others and includes but not limited to all present and future rights, title and interests in and to inventions, secrets “Know How”, and confidential information, relating to our business activities. Our key competitive advantage is know-how surrounding our technology, and our team is the only one who is able to deliver it to any project.
ADGEX’s main Intellectual Property strategy is to patent only significant technical solutions required in the production, since any patent discloses a formula of invention. Certainly, these patents must demonstrate the ability to realize the Company’s claimed technological advantages. Notwithstanding, most of the technical solutions of ADGEX will remain as undisclosed (secret) Know-how within the company to maintain the Company's ownership and exclusivity to the rights to the technology “Know How”.


2015 july

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Magnetohydrodynamic Generator”.

MHD Generator is a unique energy processor, capable of transforming energy of gas flow directly into electric energy with high power-weight ratio

2014 november

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Vacuum Integrated Technologies for Information Matrices”.

ВVITIM technology includes design and engineering principles of hardware components of nano-electronics, relied on auto electronic (field) emission, on the basis of which various tools, devices and components of different purposes are produced.

2014 november

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Technology of High-Speed Ablative Pyrolysis”.

This technology allows destructing all carbon-contained materials to molecular scale with subsequent production of high-liquid energy carriers.

2014 october

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Synthesis of Functional Materials”.

This is the method of synthesis of high-perfect crystals with completely faceted crystallization front, free from defects and with high quality and transparence grade.

2014 october

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Drive Control and Anti Derailment Mechanisms for Transport Systems”.

This know-how comprises four unique technologies:

  • Differential of a brand new reliable and durable structure, manufacturing of which does not require high-precision equipment and significant expenses;
  • Monorail Transportation System with autonomous module, capable of moving on both monorail and on ground without a driver or operator;
  • Suspension Device for Aerial Lift, capable of moving autonomously on a cable-way with significant incline degree, surpassing considerate ascents and slopes;
  • Module on pneumocushion, unique technology of which makes it possible to compensate more than half of a module’s mass using pressure of air cushion, resulting in speed increase and wear lowering of both roadway and the module itself.
2014 august

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Concept of Modular Locomotives”.

New conception of rapidly and mutually interchangeable modules of major and auxiliary locomotive’s equipment on the common platform. Modular structure represents non-stationary fast-detachable sections with hulls, where equipment of common purpose is positioned.

2014 august

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Free Renewable Energy”.

The present technology represents autonomous power supply sources and alternative methods of energy generation.

2014 august

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Alkaline Accumulator Based on Nickel-Porous Frame”.

The present know-how includes production technology of unparalleled universal high-efficient alkaline accumulators with high cyclicity and low internal resistance, capable of restoring energy in a matter of minutes.

2014 june

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Method of Energy Resource Conservation”.

Application of this technology extends service life of mechanisms, reduces energy consumption and wear of aggregates.

2014 april

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how “Electric Engines with Flat Printed Circuit Rotor”.

Flat structure of engine provides considerably smaller, thinner and lighter structure of electric drive with low inertial moment.

2013 may

ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how «UPRAIL».

This is a modern transport engineering solution, capable of solving the problems of transporting any cargoes and conveying passengers in all difficult terrains and severe climatic conditions.