Full Company name : ADGEX LIMITED

Type of Company: Australian Public Company, Limited by Shares

Australian Company Number (ACN): 156 556 035

Australian Business Number (ABN): 61 156 556 035

Registration date: 29/03/2012 Company Certificate

Locality of registered office: The GAP, QLD 4061, Australia

Actual address: Suite 701, 53 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

To enquire the latest legal information about the Company, please visit ASIC website.

The Company is registered in Australia and operates in accordance with Corporations Act 2001

Constituent document: The Constitution

The company management: All key decisions on strategic issues are taken on Annual General Meeting.

Management body: All operational and decisions are taken by the Board of Directors