Corporate governance — is our business code to provide safe and sustainable future.

We develop our technologies and energy-efficient products to solve the most pressing problems of environmental conservation.


The future of humanity depends on how people can lower its total impact on the state of ecosystems, land usage, water resources, air quality, energy efficiency and ensure adequate biological coexistence with wildlife, for sustainable operations. At ADGEX, sustainable development is integrated into everything we do. Our operations give us the opportunity to bring shared values to the communities, regions and countries where we work.

ADGEX is in the business of innovative green solutions. All of ADGEX activities have direct relation on to the people via mediated impact our own manufactured products and product of our subcontractors. Our business task is a reduction of negative impact of all possible factors that surround our business activities. The social role of our business is commitment to the Environment for providing better life conditions of society.

We will be pleased to combine our forces and possibilities with other companies and government organizations in operation upon environment protection and development of social advancement. We are welcome to provide you any information you need.

Please contact us at If you have a community program that you would like ADGEX Limited to consider sponsoring or participating in, please write us at the above address – we welcome all correspondence.


We are committed to health, safety, the environment and the communities in which ADGEX operates. Nowadays the earth is faced with pollutants and carbon emissions continuously. ADGEX understands that due diligence and care for the commitment of environment is not only necessary parts of conducting its business operations but also are advantageous to its business and professional reputation. Nevertheless, ADGEX commits to its social responsibility in all of its activities to protect and sustain the environment, in accordance with the requirements of the law and expectations of the community.

Our business is reduction of carbon footprints in all processes that surround our business activities. The social role of our business is commitment to the Environment for providing sustainable and eco-solutions.




ADGEX's personnel care – is our well-performed top priority task! We foster a safety culture that aligns with our company values and achieves a modern and safe workplace for our staff and contractors. Providing excellent conditions for our work team, we empower staff to make decisions based on the belief that safe production is the only acceptable standard in business relation of any market industry.

Protecting the safety of our workers goes side to side with taking care of their health and wellbeing. As well as identifying and managing the major health risks, our company proposes further education and health checks as our people are the key part of ADGEX. The health and safety of all ADGEX personnel is of the highest priority and will not be compromised! Our ADGEX Company’s aim is to send everyone home as safe as, or safer than when they arrived at work.

As we aim to be the most profitable, safest and lowest cost company, our vision is that combining forces with our employees, we will create an injury and illness-free workplace for working life.