Synthesis of “Ideal” Crystals

Crystals are the most eagerly sought, expensive and at the same time deficient component of modern tools. Crystal is able to generate laser beam, detect ionized radiation, transform solar light into electricity etc. Nevertheless, scientific and technological progress demands higher level of perfectness and enhanced specifications of single crystals.

Crystals has no lifetime – however, majority of market fields are currently experiencing ever-growing shortage of high quality flawless single crystals due to energy intensive existing methods of their growth and prominent level of wastes generation from initial feedstock.

ADGEX VITIM has evolved innovative technological platform for synthesis of “ideal” large-format and oriented single crystals

Ultra-perfect or “ideal” single crystal is volumetric crystalline system with completely faceted crystallization frontline, free from defects with high transparency level.


Such holistic approach allows us to deliver turnkey solutions for any customers needs in the field of synthesis of “ideal” large-format and oriented single crystals. The crystals, grown under the technology “Exceptional Environment” feature greater specifications against analogues currently presented on the global market, lending them exclusive and universal range of application. Application fields of the crystals, synthesized under the technology “Exceptional Environment” excels all existed material engineering fields and simultaneously reveals new unexplored areas for their application.