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About ICO of ADGEX Company

ICO of ADGEX is unique and unparalleled. Strategy of growth and the company’s capitalization, readymade status of the products and high effective business models cause ADGEX’s ICO to become number one in the world! Within the present ICO, ADGEX is introducing to the market 3 exceptional projects at once: greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM. At the same time, development prospects of ADGEX are not constrained by these first 3 projects only.

ADGEX is a business developer of breakthrough life-changing solutions. Once the ICO is over, the Company is planning to roll out the next exclusive projects and products. We would like to say that each successive project will provide a stable and constant rise of the Company’s share value and its capitalization. In our case, this is equivalent of a long-term growth of Token “G” in value on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Success factors of ADGEX’s ICO

ADGEX is Australian Company

Australia today is one of the most progressive countries in the context of legal crypto currency regulations.

ADGEX is not a startup company –
this is a Company with 5-years background

During the last 5 years the Company’s team designed and produced readymade market samples, so now the work is focused on establishment of mass production facilities.

ADGEX is a public company with more than 1600 stakeholders

After the ICO is over, every participant will have the right to legally exchange the tokens for ordinary shares at a set price under the offer of derivative.

Token “G” is backed by the ADGEX’s assets

Token “G” is linked to all current and future Company’s assets.

ICO Projects

Goals of greenBLAZE and energyBRICK Projects.

Unique projects with profit margins of min 100%
Growth of the company’s capitalization

Universal mobile processors for eco-friendly and safe conversion of all organic waste into electric energy and high-grade fuel.


The objective benefits for all ICO participants
Make the Token of ADGEX Company a number one ranked currency in the world

New generation of multipurpose batteries to provide uninterrupted power supply for all residential and commercial objects, as well as fields of transport and other industries

Goal of VITIM Project:

Creation of ADGEX eco-system
Commercialization of VITIM products for tokens only

Unique business-model of intellectual microelectronics, making it possible to produce readymade electronic devices of an altogether new architecture based on space-saving modern mini-laboratories.

Awards and international recognition

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