Outdoor energy complexes energyBRICK represent effective effective backup power source for improvement of grid reliability and integration of renewable energy.

energyBRICK represents several pre-manufactured units or “bricks”, able to form rapidly deployable energy storage facilities for universal accumulation and effective distribution of electric energy. Such facilities feature modular design, allowing customers to infinitely increase their capacity to suit the needs of all small, medium and large-scale projects.

energyBRICK units can be connected to the electricity grid or any other renewable ways of energy generation like solar, wind or ADGEX greenBLAZE waste-to-energy processors. energyBRICK operation needs no any auxiliary infrastructure and can easily withstand poor weather conditions such as strong winds, showers, frosts, dust storms etc.

Ultra-fast charging using high amperage currents
Low self-discharge level
High efficiency due to lack of heat losesLow self-discharge level
Modular structure allows scaling-up the complex’s capacity easily
No memory effect – can be fully charged
Absorbs any short circuit failures
Ecological safety and high stability level
All-weather operation in a wide temperature range
Automated operation and simple technical maintenance


A 1MW energyBRICK project requires positioning of just 6-8 units. They can be aligned in a straight row to keep the footprint of the facility to minimum.

A 10MW energyBRICK project needs 60-65 units to position. The optimal way is to form 4 double-deck rows of 8 units each.

A 20MW energyBRICK complex requires positioning of 125-130 units with capacity of 170kW each.

A 20MW energyBRICK complex requires positioning of 300 units with capacity of 170kW each.

Modular structure allows scaling up the power infinitely by connecting additional energyBRICK units. Commissioning of new units is carried out under normal operating conditions and requires no system shut-down. All units can be recharged remotely using any external power source with no compulsory connection to the power grid and then – delivered back to the complex or any other place.

The complexes require no annual technical maintenance. Servicing of the complexes is condition-based and just annual checking of the unit’s condition is to be done.

Why energyBRICK?

POWER GRID INDEPENDENCE energyBRICK units provides energy independence and self-sufficiency to any remote areas and hard-to-reach regions. Mobile and portable design allows charging energyBRICK units remotely and deliver them back to the complex using standard transportation means, ensuring timely power supply in all weather and seasons.
UNINTERRUPTED BACKUP POWER SOURCE energyBRICK provides continuous back up power supply for any industrial needs, protecting sensitive and vital equipment from power blackouts and outages.
ENERGY NETWORK OPTIMIZATION energyBRICK complexes are able to alleviate and reduce peak loads in electrical network, optimizing power management and averting power blackout and outages.
EMERGENCY ENERGY SUPPLY Easy transportable energyBRICK units can make indispensable contribution to post-disaster emergency relief and provide stricken regions with sufficient energy supply.