Board of Directors

Victor Uzlov

ME (Engineering) Hons, MBA (Distinction)

Chairman & Managing Director

Victor has gained his broad international business experience in strategic, financial, operational and marketing positions he held in large and complex international businesses. He is founder of ADGEX Limited and creator of the Company’s business model. He has been holding the position of Managing director since the incorporation 01 December 2012.

Mr. Uzlov is an Intellectual Property expert. As entrepreneur he is focused on the development of new technologies. Victor has unique skills in Intellectual Property commercialisation. Previously, he held executive position at MIRAX Group (leading real estate Development Corporation in Moscow, Russia, with assets valued at more than US$2.5 billion) and Head of Branch of CV Protek - National Distributor of Health and Beauty Products (US$ 2.0 billion turnover).

Jasbir Singh

MBA (Finance), M.E (Power Systems), MAICD

Executive Director & MD (South Asia)

Jasbir held a number of senior business unit leadership roles from and including General Management, Divisional and Functional Head roles including Board and Non-Executive or other advisory. He is on the position of Executive director since November 2015.

Mr. Singh possesses significant leadership and strategic experience across Board Leadership, Finance, Operations, Business Development, Board, Transformations for businesses like Resource Sector, Infrastructure Sector, Energy Sector including non-conventional energy resources (Solar), and Power Utility. Previously, Jasbir led Jindal Steel & Power (Australia) with turnover of US$ 2.0 billion (Developed an Australian resource company with significant coal and Iron resources and related port and rail infrastructure).

Oxana Uzlova

M.Ed., MBA (Distinction)

Executive Director & Secretary

Oxana has more than 20 years’ extensive board, strategy, governance and risk management experience. She held various leadership positions in public companies. Oxana has been an Executive Director of Company since March 2015. As Company Secretary, she brings wide-ranging experience in continuous disclosure and corporate governance obligations.

Ms. Uzlova has gained comprehensive experience in the Strategic Approach, Management Consultancy and Investment Advisory. In addition, Oxana is a highly professional corporate psychologist. She is the author of the method of non-material motivation of IP-developers in the Company. Previously, Ms. Uzlova led her own business. She has over 15 years' experience in the retail and marketing on the level of National operator.

Technical advisors

Dr. Vladimir Zasemkov

PhD (Radiophysics), MSc. (Electronics)

Technical President of VITIM

Vladimir has been the founder and the head of the laboratory "Vacuum microelectronics" since 1989. In 1986 Engineers of VITIM are the first team in the world who made cathode-luminescent display based on the matrix of silicon micro-points. In 1991 under the VITIM vacuum technology, VITIM produced the prototype of field emission display on a glass substrate. Dr. Zasemkov is a founder of modern vacuum electronics, capable of creating a whole new generation of the electronics. He is a docent of «Radioelectronic Technics and Information Systems» Department in Siberian Federal University (SFU), RF.

Dr Zasemkov has more than 20 patents and implemented developments. Vladimir held executive position in the leading international companies, including SI Diamond Technology Inc. in Austin, Texas, USA.

Dr. Victor Evseenkov

PhD (Radiophysics), MSc. (Electronics)

Technical President of ADGEX ENERGY & ADGEX EDRIVE

Dr. Evseenkov is an expert in electric drives and lasers. He was responsible for research, design and development of innovative electromechanical devices and high-precision electric drives for aviation, space, marine and drilling industries. He was recognized as the best innovator and rationalization of the Scientific Research Universities he was working in. He is the author of more than 50 scientific studies, 30 authorship certificates and dozens of patents.

Victor is a developer of special-purpose testing benches for electromechanical systems as well as fully-automated production line, which was successfully introduced to mass production.

Dr. Evseenkov is an inventor of a unique technology of electric drive with split-type stator, lending the drive unprecedented technical specifications

Dr. Vladimir Lyubochko

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, MSc (Physics)

Technical President of ADGEX BLAZE

Dr. Lyubochko is an expert in design, development and construction gas-generating, heat, electric and diesel power stations as well as boiler houses and energy independent autonomous eco-settlements.

Vladimir has a vast experience in treatment of forestry wastes. Previously, he held the position of Director General of Krasnoyarsk Institute of Technical Physics, where he designed and implemented a number of Projects on adoption of timber gasification technology for generation of heat and electrical energy. Some of his projects successfully undergone the US examination for International campaign FOREST.

Dr. Lyubochko prepared and won three Grants for innovative projects development. He participated in development of regional Program on utilization of biomass for generation of electric and heat energy.

Lev Basov

PhD in Technical Sciences (Math & Physics)

Water Purification Advisor

ЛLev Basov is a prominent practical expert in water purifying. He has been the Head of the photonics laboratory of heterogenic systems in Scientific and Research Institute for Physics of Saint-Petersburg State University since 1988.

Lev Basov developed the method of contactless pressure measurement on the surface of space vehicles. He developed unparalleled methods of photochemical water and air purification, thanks to which more than 200 wastewater treatment facilities for were launched.

He is the author of 3 patents, more than 70 scientific studies, and 15 special project reports.

Dr. Pavel Sukhonin

PhD in Philosophy, Practitioner in water purification

Ecology and Environment Advisor

Dr. Sukhonin is a Deputy Chief Officer and an Expert of National Association of Operators of Waste Management Industry “RusRecycling”. He is also holding the position of Scientific Supervisor & Coordinator of the UN ecology program “Remediation of technogenic activities”.

Pavel is a member of the Expert Advisory Body of the Committee on Natural resources, Environmental Management and Ecology of State Duma of Russian Federation. He developed a number of Voluntary Certification Systems.

Dr. Sukhonin took an active part in development of Federal Targeted Program “Clean Water” aimed at improvement of drinking water quality, water supply management. Now he is Secretary of Independent Advisory Board of the Program. He is the author of 32 scientific works and publications, as well as a number of study guides for expert surveying.

Dr. Sergei Zotov

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences

Chief Designer of ADGEX BLAZE

Dr. Zotov is a widely recognized expert in natural and technical sciences, author of a number of studies, articles, international patents and authorship certificates. He is a great specialist in synthesis of synthetic fuels, energetics and ecology. Dr. Zotov is a professional in waste processing and recycling, environmentalization of industrial enterprises, agricultural and forestry field.

Sergei is an inventor of the processor for solid fuel decomposition by means of dozed oxidization. He made a massive contribution to development of technologies associated with rational use of secondary and natural resources, renewable energy sources and mitigation of environmental footprint.

Dr. Andrey Genelev

PhD (Radiotechnics), MSc (Electronics)

Chief Scientific Officer of ADGEX VITIM

Andrey is an expert with a wide international experience in electronics. He is an author of a large variety of research works, articles and studies in field emission electronics.

Dr. Genelev was the Head of Vacuum Coating Department in SIDT Co, Austin, Texas, USA for 4 years. He was in charge of development of technical processes and preparation of the equipment for production of field emission displays.

Andrey previously was responsible for manufacturing process management and setting into operation of innovative automated electronic systems, holding the position of manufacturing executive manager.

Danil Makogonov

MSc in Radiophysics

Technical President of ADGEX ENERGY

Danil is a practitioner in the fields of electronics and radiophysics and a great expert in energetic, particularly in alternative renewable sources and generation methods, gas industry, and printing sector.

Previously he was a gas telemetry engineer and with specialization in automation control of gas assemblies and systems. Later he held an executive position of a Printing plant, where he conducted a full-scale renovation of entire technological cluster and brought the plant to the dominant regional position. He was personally in charge of pre-selection of the most appropriate equipment for global VIP customers, operating in printing production field.