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ADGEX — is a modern top-notch developer of green game-changing solutions. Effectively integrating our technologies into a single sustainable platform, we create a new prosperous worldview, where each technological component becomes an integral part of a shared network, bringing new benefits and living standards to all people on Earth!

Breakthrough innovations
Capitalization and growth
Sustainable solutions
  • ADGEX developed its own scientific school and high-professional team of technical experts with unique skills and exclusive experience in innovations and their market implementation.
  • We change set patterns & stereotypes and build new flourishing future. ADGEX is owner of more than 10 objects of intellectual property with exclusive rights to commercialization, modification and technological upgrade of current know-hows.
  • ADGEX has developed and successfully introduced its own method of intellectual property protection. It guarantees exclusive rights to commercialization of technologies and payment of high dividends for all shareholders.
  • All our activities are focused on wildlife and nature mitigation. We are committed to protect the environment, minimizing all environmental impacts that may result from our project operations
  • Today we live in the era when science and technology are developed quite rapidly. Ability of ADGEX to make scientific discoveries, generate new ideas and put them into practice becomes the foremost provider of new markets and the Company’s key competencies.
  • All ADGEX’s activities are closely associated with people and the environment. ADGEX develops and releases only ecologically friendly technologies and establish the best possible working environment for the Company’s personnel.
  • ADGEX aims to create long-term value for our stakeholders. We are partnering with industry leaders, universities and knowledge centers, community leaders for continued value growths.
  • ADGEX is committed compliance with current environmental legislation, legal requirements and achievement of environmental objectives.
  • ADGEX – Australian public company with more than 1600 shareholders from all over the globe. The company’s Headquarter is located in Sydney, Australia with representations in China, India, Russian Federation and Europe.
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ICO Projects

Sustainable generation of energy from wastes

Advanced energy storage and transmission solution

New age of intellectual microelectronics


Development Program of ADGEX Company is inextricably connected with our upcoming projects. The next generation of innovative solutions devised and cultivated by our scientists will specify the Company’s course of development. All technological solutions we adopt are top-tier and not only establish new unique trade offers for our customers, but also reveal new benefits to all market participants and they do revolutionize buying patterns and habits. Such marketing approach is a driven force to explore new markets and horizons!


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